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Q: What process immediately preceeded protein synthesis at the ribosome?
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The ribosome is a organelle that functions in the process of?

A ribosome is the organelle that functions in protein synthesis.

Which metabolic process is most likely associated with a ribosome?

Protein synthesis.

Do ribosome function protect the cell?

Protein synthesis is the process done by ribosomes. Ribosomes provide surface to synthesis.

Which two structures work together in the process of protein synthesis?

The ribosome and the nucleus

What process takes place in the Ribosome?

Ribosomes are the site of protein synthesis. This is where mRNA is read and a sequence of amino acids are joined together to form a polypeptide/protein.

Which two cells structures work together in the process of protein synthesis?

The nucleus and the endoplasmic reticulum.

Why do protein synthesis inhibitor a.k.a antibiotics affect bacteria only but not human cells?

most of the antibiotics kill or inactivate bacteria by inhibitting the protein synthesis... protein synthesis consists of 'transcription' and 'translation'.. the translation process requiers mRNA and ribosomes.Human(eukaryotic) ribosome is different from bacterial(prokaryotic) ribosome... Antibiotics inhibit the protein synthesis by altering the ribosomal constitution.Since human ribosomes are different from bacterial ribosome,the substances which are harmful to bacterial ribosome doesn't harm human ribosomes.. Thus human cells are immune to antibiotics..

What is the workbench of protein synthesis?

ATP activates the amio acids in protein synthesis apart from being the provider of a continuous source of energy to drive the whole process

What organelle is associated with a process of synthesis?

Ribosomes,Nucleus Thanks For Looking and You Are Welcome For The Help:)

What process does ribosmal RNA participate in?

the RNA is the component of the ribosome, and is the enzyme that is the site of protein synthesis (the making of protein) in all living cells.

Why is messenger RNA important in protein synthesis?

It takes the "code" of the Dna bases to the cytoplasm and it attaches to a ribosome. It then gives the "code" to the Transfer RNA. Without MRNA the organism wouldn't be able to go through the process of Protein Synthesis. Therefore it is necessary that MRNA be included in this process!

What is the name of the process in which the directions for protein synthesis are given to mRNA by DNA?

Transcription is the creation of an mRNA from a DNA template. The mRNA then carries the instructions to the ribosome where they are translated into a protein.