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ATP provides energy for the body's functions

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Q: What provides energy for cells to grow and divide?
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When we grow do our cells grow or divide?

Cells divide.

What happens to cells as they grow and divide?

In multi-cellular organisms as cells grow and divide, they specialize.

Do you grow because your cells divide?

Yes,do divide

How do body cells grow and divide?

they divide and grow by undergoing a process called as mitosis

Why do somatic cells divide?

Somatic cells divide in order for organisms to grow and replace the cells that die.

Do all cells grow and divide?


What conditions is necessary for yeast to grow and multiply?

Yeast require energy to grow and divide its cells, therefore yeast grows best in sugar solution.

What is reason cells divide?

The reason cells divide is because that helps you heal and grow

Is a disease in which cells grow and divide uncontrollably?

Cancerous Cells

How do humans and animals bodies grow?

The humans and animals bodies grow through the expansion and build up of the cells. This is made possible through the energy that is derived from food eaten.

What provides the energy for the embryo to grow?

The energy is provided by the mother.

Why is cell division so important?

When cells divide they help you grow. Also, they replace, grow, repair your dead cells.