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Depending on the high school you are in chemistry.will typically come after Biology.

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Most likely Chemistry or Physics. Depending if you finished Biology in 9th Grade.

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Q: What science class is taken after biology in high school?
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Can you graduate from high school if you don't take biology class?

Probably. It depends on your specific school. You should ask your guidance counselor questions like this. At my high school, only one science course was required in order to graduate. There was a slight stigma associated with the "General Science" class (it was usually referred to as "science for dummies"), so most people who didn't want to take more than one science class but also didn't want to take "General Science" took Biology instead. They could alternatively have taken Physics or Chemistry, but these were widely regarded as being more difficult.

You are studying in class 11th and you are planning to do BBA after 12thBut the problem is that you have not taken maths in class 10th and had not taken maths in 12th will you get admission for BBA?

I have science in 11th --can i do BBA after taking science

What is the difference between AP Biology and Biology?

Generally, biology comes in three levels in high school: general biology, honors biology, and AP biology. They vary on how difficult the presented material is. General biology is, by far, the easiest. The course is meant for those that either can't handle the challenge or do not want the challenge. There will be homework (the amount depends on the teacher), but the level is not too difficult. General biology teaches you biology on a simpler level, eliminating the many details that come with the various units (i.e. protein synthesis, cellular respiration, etc.). Honors biology is the intermediate level. The course is meant for those that want more of a challenge, as it provides a more in-depth look into the various units. There will generally be more homework than in general biology, and the level of comprehension will be more difficult. AP biology is, by far, the most difficult level. An AP class is always a top-notch class in terms of difficulty, as AP stands for Advanced Placement. The point of an AP class is to prepare you for the AP test, which shows colleges how well you have mastered the difficult class. The course provides a very in-depth look into many areas of biology. This class is often taken after either general or honors biology (depending on the school), and thus, the units are usually further in-depth on the ones that have been discussed in previous classes or are completely new units (but still very in-depth). Overall, AP biology is not for everyone. Because either general and honors biology are usually taken first, it is best to determine how you did in that class. If you did average in a general biology class, AP biology probably isn't for you. If you did excellent in a general biology class or fairly well in an honors biology class, AP biology may be for you. If you did well or excellent in an honors biology class (high test scores, high grade, etc.), AP biology is definitely an option for you.

What subjects are taken to be a pharmacist?

You have to take chemistry and science. You probably need to take biology and physics too.

What classes should be taken in high school in order to be a premed?

Premeds are required to take all science courses in college so be sure to take an AP chem or bio course. In general, all biology, chemistry and physics classes should be taken.

What are vets most important school subjects?

hey, in England they like you to have all the basics (science, english, maths) at GCSE. At as youll need at least 3 out of biology, chemistry, maths, further maths, physics; one of which is sometimes mandatory depending on the uni. And then at A2 they like 3 maths/science subjects. :)

What is trauncy?

Truancy is an act when you skip class/school.If you get caught you will be taken to school/class

How many people are taken from each school to john monash science school?

3% of each school

Psychology degree to become a dentist?

I am a dentist and I have a B.A. in Psychology from my undergraduate university. My Psychology backround is helpful when treating patients. When in dental school, I hadn't taken some of the science courses that my fellow dental students had taken. Most of the students in dental school were Biology, or Chemistry majors. I did well in dental school and do not regret my undergraduate trainning.

Where can you find the answers to Miller and Levine biology practice workbook?

Generally, the best place to find the answers for a Science workbook or any workbook is by looking in the related textbook. You should also look at any class notes you have taken or any handouts from the class or at any websites that may have been given to you by the teacher.

What does the word procedure mean in science?

the word procedure in science is talking about the steps taken or used in a particular class, lab or experiment that the teacher wants you to show him or her

What college classes must be taken to become a gynecologist?

im actually a senior an im taking some classes to become an obgyn! Anatomy and philsology is good to take so you can have a good backround before you go to college because you will have to take anatomy classes. AP Biology is also good and you can get college credit sometimes!