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Q: What small protein secreted by virus containing cells?
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What cell is histamine a substance that dilates small blood vessels during inflammation is secreted?

mast cells

What type of foods are digested by the small intestine?

Proteins are digested in your stomach. Pepsinogen is secreted by the chief cells. Pepsinogen is converted to pepsin by hydrochloric acid. This pepsin brakes the peptide bond of proteins to form polypeptides.

Where does protein digestion end in the human body?

In the human body, protein digestion ends in the small intestine. Protein is required to repair cells and to help new cells grow.

What is a small 2 part structure in cells that makes protein?


What Small two-part structure in cells that make protein?


What is a small protein channel that allows the passage of ions and small molecules between cells?

Gap Junctions

Explain how steroid and amine type hormones affect their target cells?

it is secreted by the thyroid gland in small amounts and travels through the blood system and reaches the desired cells.

Is bile a chemical secreted by small intestine?

Bile is secreted by the liver.

What is the enzyme that digest protein secreted by?

Chymotrypsin, TrypsinPancreatic juice is a liquid secreted by the pancreas, which contains a variety of enzymes, including trypsinogen, chymotrypsinogen, elastase, carboxypeptidase, pancreatic lipase, and amylase.

What is the name of the small protein found in the mitochondria of all animal cells?

cytochrome c

Trypsin is secreted from?

The duodenum. The proximal portion of the small intestine.

What is cause of pancreas problems in dogs?

As in most mammals, in the dog the pancreas is a digestive organ. The pancreas has two intermingled types of cells - exocrine cells and endocrine cells. The exocrine cells make digestive enzymes that are excreted into the small intestine when food moves out of the stomach. The endocrine cells make insulin and a few other hormones; these are secreted into the blood stream when blood sugar increases.