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Not much - there is some tracheal cartilage and a few bones, but they are not arranged in a stable cage formation so they can be relatively easily broken.

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Thyroid cartilage

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Q: What structure commonly known as the Adam's apple protects the larynx?
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What structure corresponds to the Adams apple?

The AdamÕs apple protects the larynx in the throat from being crushed. It can also promote a deep voice in males.

There's a tissue or structure which is located superior to the hyoid bone there are two words in the name of this tissue or structure what is it?

Adams Apple

Where is your voicebox located?

The voice box is known medically as the larynx. It is composed of the larygneal cartilage, mucus linings and the vocal cords. These structures work together to allow human speech and vocalization.I think the vibration goes through to your voice box helping you to make sound and speak but i am guessing so check other websites okThe voice box helps you speak. It is also known as the vocal chords-at least from what I've heard.

Location of the epiglottis?

It is a cartillagenous flap within the larynx that effectively acts as a two way valve. It is the structurethat stops food going down the trachea and stops air going down the oesophagus.the epiglottis is a flap of skin that blocks the trachea.the tissue that covers the windpipe when you swallow

Why is the larynx called Adam's apple?

The human larynx rests in a frame of cartilage bound by ligaments and muscles. At the front is the thyroid cartilage, creating the lump at the front of the neck, known as the laryngeal prominence or more commonly as the Adam's apple. Regarding the etymology of the term "Adam's apple", Webster's 1913 dictionary states that the term "… is so called from a notion that it was caused by the forbidden fruit, (an apple) sticking in the throat of our first parent." Laryngeal prominence The larynx grows during puberty in males much more than in females, and as a result the Adam's apple is typically more prominent in adult men than in women or prepubescent girls or boys. This growth of the larynx is also the reason for the voice cracking in teenage boys. The reason for the Adam's apple being more prominent in males is that the two laminae of the cartilage meet at an angle of 90° in males but that angle is 120° in females. For some transwomen, the Adam's apple remains more prominent than desired, and this is sometimes remedied by a chondrolaryngoplasty (trachea shave), a type of plastic surgery to reduce the size of the Adam's apple.