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The Pelvic bone and the Mastoid

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Q: What two features set the human skeleton apart from other skeletons?
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What do rodent skeletons and human skeletons have in common?

They are alike because rodents have some of the same bone of a human skeleton body.

How is bird skeleton different from human skeleton?

bird skeletons are hollow, allowing a bird to fly

How is a human skeleton and a crayfish skeleton alike?

A crayfish and a humans skeletons are alike in that provide protection.

How do grasshopper skeletons differ from human skeletons?

By not existing. Grasshoppers do not have bones, and therefore no skeletons. Bugs have a hard outer shell or exoskeleton, but no skeleton.

How often are your skeletons replaced?

The human skeleton replaces itself every two years.

How is the cricket skeleton different from the human skeleton?

Crickets have an exo skeleton mostly made up of chiton. Humans have endo skeletons made of calcium carbonate.

How do hamsters skeletons differ from human skeleton?

You do know that humans and hamsters aren't the same, right?

A human skeleton that is taken apart is called what kind of skeleton?

Disarticulated (without joints)

How is an arthropod skeleton different to a human skeleton?

The biggest difference between an arthropod skeleton and a human skeleton is that arthropods wear theirs on the outside of their bodies and we wear ours on the inside. Also, their skeletons are made of chitin and ours are made of bone.

Why do we have the human skeleton and why is it so important to our bodies?

Through evolution the human skeleton has changed and adapted to help protect the human organs, it keeps everything in place and structures the body. Without out skeletons we would be paralyzed....or dead.

What are three differences that exist among the skeletons?

There are many forms of skeletons for different animals. The differences of the human male and female skeletons are as follows. Several general differences exist between the male and female skeletons. The male skeleton is generally larger and heavier than the female. The female skeleton has a wider breast bone and narrower hips.

A human skeleton that has been taken apart is called what kind of skeleton?

disarticulated (coming from Latin articulate: joint)

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