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Almost all cell have more than one mitochondria, but maximum concentration is found in fast growing and multiplying cells.

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Q: What type of cell has more than one mitochondria?
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What type of the cell would contain more mitochondria?

Muscle cell

Which type of cell would have more mitochondria an egg cell or muscle cell?

muscle cell

Why do muscle cells have more mitochondria than any other cell type?

Energy requirements of muscle tissue.

What does mitochondria do for animal cell?

Mitochondria makes energy for the cell with the food its been givin. You find mitochondria in very type of cell...

How many mitochondria are in each cell?

The number of mitochondria varies depending on the type of cell. They are most abundant in liver cells with about 1000 to 2000 mitochondria per cell.There are about 50 -100 per cell

What type of cell has a mitochondria?

Eukaryotic cells have mitochondria (singular mitochondrion).

Why would some cells like muscle cells have more mitochondria than another type of cell?

They are metabolically very active. They need a lot of energy

What type of cell has cell walls chloroplasts mitochondria and nuclei?

plant cell

Why does a muscle cell have more mitochondria in it than other type of cells?

Muscle cells are very active. Function of muscles cost lot of energy. So they need many mitochondria

Which type of cell would be more likely to have many mitochondria fat cell or muscle cell?

Mitochondria is the part of cells that generate energy by turning nutrients and oxygen into fuel for the body. Muscle cells need this ability more because they are constantly working; fat cells do not need it as much.

What type of cell does mitochondria produces energy from nutrients from?

All complex cells contain mitochondria.

What type of specialized cell would have lots of mitochondria?

Muscle cells have lots of mitochondria. Mitochondria is known as a "powerhouse" of the cell. In the inner membrane matrix of the mitochondria there are ATP synthases that generate ATP energy.