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Covalent (double and single, as well as polar and non-polar) and Hydrogen bonds are found in the DNA molecule. The backbone of DNA is made of of Phosphate (PO43-) molecules and the sugar Deoxyribose (C5H10O4) Attatched to every sugar is a Base (C, G, A or T.) These are held together by single covalent bonds. Within the Phosphate, there is one double covalent bond (meaning two pairs of electrons are shared.). Note that O-C, O-P, H-N and O-H bonds will be polar. The two strands are held together by Hydrogen bonds. These are much weaker than a covalent bond and form between two molecules of opposite polarity. The two atoms, which are of positive and negative charge, are attracted to each other. That attraction is what constitutes a Hydrogen bond.

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Q: What types of bonds are fond in a DNA molecules?
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