What was the first word spoken by man?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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We do not know the first word ever spoken because, in The Bible, Adam named all the creatures and animals (Genesis 2 verse 20). The first word ever recorded was "This" (Genesis 2 verse 23)

That's easy. You can say it now. Just open your mouth and without moving your lips make a sound. There, now doesn't that make you feel better. aaah, that wasn't so hard, was it? Ha! Oops, that one came later.

i luied

FIRST WORD: (scientific version) ug.

Or, Let. (religious version) ( let there be light....)

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Q: What was the first word spoken by man?
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What was the first word ever uttered by a human being?

it was first spoken in the 1st senturie although i do not no when it was first spoken but i do no wat was spoken it was

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What came first written or spoken languages?

Spoken. It took man a long time to develop writing.

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The first word spoken in Friends TV Series is spoken by Monica Geller/Bing: There's . As she is saying the sentence: There's nothing with him! It's just some guy I work with.

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It is a first accented syllable because the first syllable of the word is emphasised when the word is spoken.

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The first words uttered by a man setting foot on the moon , was "That is one small step for man, a giant leap for mankind." The first words after landing, but while still in the landing module were "Houston, the Eagle has landed."

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there was no first word ever said it just evolved over time

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The first words spoken on the moon were " That's one small step for man, One giant leap for mankind." Spoken by Neil Armstrong. Spoken about 3 feet away from the moon was "Contact Light." This was said by Buzz Aldrin. The first words were,413 is in ,the eagle has landed.

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Yehi (let there be; or: there shall be).