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top soil would be less fertile?

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Q: What would happen if leaching did not occur?
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Where does leaching occur?

in a forest

What layer in the soil does leaching occur in?

E Horizon

What does leaching occur in a b or c?

The answer might depend on what a b or a c is.

How does leaching happen?

Leaching occurs when water seeps into the ground. This process dissolves chemicals and carries them into the water supply underground.

What is leaching and where does it occur?

Leaching means downloading on BitTorrent (or any other torrent transmitter). Seeding means uploading. Please contribute by pressing "Trust" Thanks

What would happen if there is illegal logging?

There would be less trees, less habitats, more erosion soil degradation and mineral leaching. Less money for the government.

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The boy was leaching onto his mother. Another good sentence would be, the music was leaching on the boy like mud.

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What would happen if meiosis did not occur?

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What would happen if meiosis would not occur?

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What is the process by which soluble minerals are dissolved and removed from soil?

Illuvation or leaching

How the mining of uranium occur?

Extraction of uranium:- extraction from underground mines- open pit mines- leaching