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The sink is the stems.

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Q: When a plant moves sugars from its leaves to its stems the sink is?
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What nutrients do leaves and stems have?

There are a few nutrients in different places on a plant. These range from vitamins to sugars. Also present are minerals and fiber.

What are the 3 major plant organs?

3 examples of organs in a plant are:StigmaStamenOva

Why do plant need leaves to grow?

Leaves are the main area of photosynthesis and with the sugars manufactured by this process the plant has no energy source and no building material and can not grow. Some photosynthesis takes place is the stems of some plants, but the leaves were evolved to maximize the photosynthetic process.

What are the structures in stems that carry fluids up and down the stems?

The two structures in the stem of a plant are xylem and phloem. Xylem goes up and carries water and nutrients to the the leaves while phloem goes down and carries sugars to the roots of the plant.

What are the 3 primary organs in a vascular plant?

Leaves, roots, and stems.

A simple plant has no?

roots, stems, and leaves

A plant with roots stems and leaves is a?


Are leaves a type of plant?

no leaves are a component of plants (stems, leaves and roots)

How do leaves get all the materials requires for a plant to make its own food?

The leaves have small openings to bring in CO2. They absorb sunlight and use this with the water that comes into the roots and up through the stems. The plant sugars are then transported through the sap to other parts of the plant.

Does spirogyra plant have stems root and leaves?

no, spirogyra is a cell, not a plant.

Why are roots stems and leaves important to plant?

stems provide structure roots absorb nutrenients leaves collect sunlight

What are stems?

A stem is a support for the leaves and flowers on the plant.