Where are Saprophytes located?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Saprophytes are plants that live on dead or decaying matter. They obtain nutriment osmotically by absorbing the products of organic breakdown. Therefore, saprophytes are likely to be found around fallen logs in woods or forests, or on heaps of plant material left to rot at the bottom of your garden.

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Q: Where are Saprophytes located?
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Is there term like obligate saprophyte and facultative saprophyte?

surely.Obligate saprophytes are ordinary saprophytes .while facultative saprophytes are parasites cultured in peculiar conditions as saprophytes, for half of their life cycle

Why are saprophytes called saprophytes?

They Live of live or Dead Organic matter

What would happen if the world had no saprophytes?

If no saprophytes would be there the world would be stinking.The saprophytes eat us or consume the dead and decaying.They work are the cleaners you can say.

Do saprophytes have thick walls called endospores?

Saprophytes have thick walls called endspores?

Are mushroom parasites or saprophytes?

They are saprophytes because they live on other decaying matter for their food

What do you understand by saprophytes?

Saprophytes are the plants which derive their food from the dead and decaying organic matter

What is different between scavenger and saprophytes?

scavengers can highly concave animals or plants but saprophytes are microorganisms

What are the plants that are not green?


Do saprophytes live on by eating plants?

Saprophytes are fungi and live of dead and decaying matter, not live plant material

What are the plants that are not green called?


Saprophytes are also called?

Detritivores or Saprophages.

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