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You can find a chestnut tree in the area 'Castle Hill'.

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Q: Where can you find chestnut trees in simanimals?
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Do chestnut trees grow in the US?

yes chestnut trees grow in the us in california.

Which Deciduous trees produce flowers in long catkins and nuts in prickly burs?

Chestnut trees Chestnut trees

Where does the Sweet chestnut tree come from?

chestnut trees

What kind of chesnuts is their?

Chestnut trees belong to the same family of trees as the oak and beech trees. There are five types of species of chestnuts, European chestnut or the sweet chestnut, Asiatic chestnut which has two species the Japanese and the Chinese chestnut, the American species, and Allegheny Chickapin..

Is horse chestnut deciduous?

As all chestnut trees are, yes.

Where are most common chestnut trees found?

The most common Chestnut trees can be found in eastern North America. Due to chestnut blight, there are very few mature specimens left. You may find between 600 and 800 in northern lower Michigan.

What caused the loss of Theodore Roosevelt's chestnut trees?

The cause of the loss of chestnut trees were pollution and cutting them for "fuel".

When did SimAnimals happen?

SimAnimals happened in 2009.

Why do American chestnut and chinquapin trees no longer flourish alongside oak trees?

Oak trees do not suffer from Chestnut blight a disease of chestnuts.

Is chestnut trees evergreen?

The Common Horse Chestnut , Aesculus hippocastanum, is deciduous.

What grows on chestnut trees?


How do you get certain plants on simanimals?

You have to find them. Sorry if you were hoping for a store or somthing.