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Q: Where does energy originate in most ecosystems?
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What is the source of energy for the most ecosystems?

the sun

What is the major source of energy in most ecosystems?

Solar energy.

What are the most important transformers of energy in ecosystems?


For most ecosystems, what is the ultimate source of energy?

The Sun

What is the main fate of energy for most ecosystems?

The main fate of energy is for it to be lost as heat.

What is the original souse of almost all the energy in most ecosystems?

The Sun

Which organisms hold the largest amount of energy in most ecosystems?


What does energy begin as in most ecosystems?

The energy first comes from the sunlight, then the producers (green plants) absorb the energy. Sunlight

How is the energy for most ecosystems converted into the energy in food?

We concentrate on glucose breakdown, since it dominates energy production in most animal cells.

What is the energy source of ALL ecosystems?

The most important source off all is WATER!

Where does the energy of most ecosystems come from?

up your noise

What is the ultimate source of energy for ecosystems?

The sun is the ultimate source of energy for almost all earth ecosystems.