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Symphysis pubis, intervertebral discs, menisci, tmj, and annulus fibrous

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Vertebral (Spinal) Column, as intervertebral disks

Tendons (Muscle to Bone Connecting Tissue)

Various Ligaments

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Intervertebral disc, symphysis pubis etc

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Q: Where is fibrocartilage found in the body?
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Where are fibrocartilage found?

Fibrocartilage is an extra strong type of cartilage, it is made up of white fibrous tissue and cartilaginous fibres which are arranged in an orderly manner. It also contains an abundant supply of Type I Collagen. This combination of fibres gives fibrocartilage its strong, flexible and elastic properties.Because of its strength and durability, fibrocartilage is found in areas of the body which are subjected to the most strain and impact such as the spine, knees and pelvis, where it provides support and strength and acts as a shock absorber.

Where is the eustachin tube found?

im thinking its the fibrocartilage

What are types of fibers found in fibrocartilage?

collagen fibers

Where is fibrocartilage located?

One of the places it can be found is the meniscus

Pads of are located between the vertebrae?

A disc of cartilage is found between each of the vertebrae.

What tissue is found in the nose ear and intervertebral disks?


What does fibrocartilage look like?

Fibrocartilage is found most notably in the discs between vertebrae. This cartilage is a mixture of white fibrous tissue and cartilage tissue.

Where in the body would you find white fibrocartilage?

intervertebral disc. in the knee

What connective tissue contains collagenous fibers found in intervertebral discs?


What kind of connective tissue comprises the intervertebral discs between vertebrae?

Fibrocartilage (i.e Fibroelastic cartilage)

What body structures are composed of fibrocartilage?

Fibrocartilage makes up most of the menisci of the knee, the pubic joint, and the temporomandibular joint (TMJ) of the jaw.

What is the function and location of the fibrocartilage?

Fibrocartilage is a particularly strong and durable type of cartilage and is found between the vertebrae of the spine, in the knees and in the pubic symphysis. It is found in these areas as they are all areas in the body which take a lot of strain and the cartilage therefore needs to be extra strong to absorb this strain. It also provides padding between the vertebrae, protects the spinal cord, absorbs shock and supports the spine.