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Polypeptides (chains of amino acids) are formed at ribosomes.

These polypeptides subsequently form proteins. Some proteins have a single polypeptide chain; some have more than one. "Protein" is the term for the physiologically active molecule. After leaving the ribosome, each chain must coil and fold into the appropriate shape (and, if necessary, combine with one or more other chains) before the finished protein is formed.

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Q: Where products are formed at the ribosome in a eukaryotic cell?
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Is a ribosome a eukaryote or a prokaryote cell?

Actually a ribosome is a small organelle that is found in both eukaryotic and prokaryotic cells. However, the ribosome in a prokaryotic cell differs in shape compared to the ribosome in a eukaryotic cell.

If a unicellular organism has a cell wall ribosome and circular DNA is it eukaryotic or prokaryotic?


What are ribosome produce in a eukaryotic cell?

The ribosomes produce proteins.

Difference between prokaryotic ribosome and eukaryotic ribosome?

in prokaryotic cell ribosome is partly synthesised from nucleoid and partly from pre-exsisting ribosomes. in eukaryotic cell ribosomes are partly synthesised from nucleorar organiser region and partly from pre-exsisting ribosomes.

what is the cell found in ribosomes?

ribosomes are not cells, they are organelles that produce and synthesize proteins. get it straight!

Where in the cell are protein molecules formed?

Protein molecules are formed in the ribosome of the cell/

Is a ribosome a single cell organism?

No. A ribosome is a complex of protein and RNA molecules found inside both prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells. Its function is to translate messenger RNA into protein.

What is the organelle in eukaryotic cell nucleus that produces ribosomes?

The nucleolus directs ribosome production.

What receives proteins and other newly formed materials and distribute to other parts of the cell?

Golgi apparatus is an organelle in eukaryotic cells consisting of stacks of membranes that modify, store, & route cell products.

Is a fat cell a prokaryotic or a eukaryotic cell?

A fat cell is a eukaryotic cell. All of the cells in a eukaryotic organism are eukaryotic.

What are the terms of Biology?

I'll give you the parts of a eukaryotic animal cell * nucleus * nucleolus * nuclear envelope * smooth endoplasmic reticulum(ER) * Ribosome (free) * cell membrane (plasma membrane) * Ribosome (attached) * Golgi apparatus * Mitochondrion * centrioles * rough endoplasmic reticulum.

Is the cell a prokaryotic cell or a eukaryotic cell?