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Recognized Chinese Universities The only Recognized Chinese Universities: S.No. Universities 1. Peking Union Medical College, Beijing
MBBS 2. Beijing Medical University, Beijing
MBBS 3. Shanghai Medical University, Shanghai MBBS 4. Shanghai Second Medical University
MBBS 5. School of Stomatology, Shanghai
Second Medical University BDS 6. Xian Jiaotong University, School of Medicine
Xian, P.R. China MBBS 7. Xinjiang Medical University, Urumqui, China MBBS

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Which china university affiliate with pmdc
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PMDC does not recognize specific Chinese universities. It recognizes medical degrees obtained from universities that are listed in the International Medical Education Directory (IMED) or approved by the World Directory of Medical Schools (WDOMS). Always check with PMDC directly for the most up-to-date information.

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Q: Which Chinese universities are recognised by PMDC?
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Is Yangtze medical college recognized by pm and dc?

no its not ... there are only 7 universities recognized by pmdc,and yangtzi is not in the list its better to visit official pmdc site and find out which universities are recognized by pmdc

Will you please tell me about the duration of medical universities in china recognised by PMDC?

In China full bachelor medical degrees are of 5 years. If less than four years without internship PMDC will not accept.

Is hainan medical university recognized by pmdc?

now there is no university in china which can be said it is recoganized bt PMDC..5 years ago PMDC recoganized 7 chinese medical universities but by 2011 all the chinese universities were if you gonna study in any one university of china make your mind sure that you will have to give PMDC exam.....

Is changsha medical university in china approved by pmdc?

well i am also searching for this according to the website of changsha medical university it is.But the fact is only 6 universities in china is recognised by pmdc which do not include changsha.

Is Romania medical universities are recognized by pmdc?

Please ask at PMDC !

Is Gannan Medical University registered with PMDC?

No, There are Few Universities in China which are Registered with PMDC but Gannan Is Recognised from WHO which means Pakistani Students eligible to get Admitted , They are eligible to take PMDC examination same as more than 40 Medical Colleges and Universities of China , Most Possibily Gannan Medical University get registered with PMDC because of its High Number of Pakistani Students. If any further Question Please feel Free to Contact on

Is luzhou medical university is recognised by pmdc?

no and never ,PMDC is not stupied to recgonized this kind of college ,this is bad college

When pmdc recognized zhengzhou medical university?

its not confirmed that when this university will be recognised but its on the process to be recognised pmdc already tiold that they will visit university but till now they didn't visit

Is nantong university is listed in who?

Yes it is recognised by WHO . Not recognised by PMDC . Not sure if it's in the 30 list or not .

Is the Islamic International Medical College recognised by the WHO?

It is recognized by PMDC and WHO.

Is Beihua University recognised by pmdc?

no and there is no sighns of havin it recognized i am afraid...

Why no foreign university recognised by pmdc?

it's pmdc rule , we cannot say anything about that, but it's not fully confirmed bcz it's under investigation.