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Doing research on how plastic affects the the enviroment.

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A. Measuring the rate of squirrel births in a woodland habita
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Check blood pressure in class

1. A soft arm cuff is wrapped around the upper arm. A hand bulb pumps air into the cuff, gently squeezing the arm and temporarily interrupting the flow of blood. The pressure gauge reaches a peak.

2. Then the cuff is slowly deflated, letting blood flow again. As the cuff deflates and the pressure gauge gradually decreases, the return of the blood flow through the main artery in your arm can be heard using a stethoscope.

3. The reading on the pressure gauge when the pulse is first heard is your systolic pressure (the peak pressure as the heart contracts).

The reading when the pulse can first no longer be heard is your diastolic pressure (the lowest pressure as the heart relaxes between beats).

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Figuring out how pesticides affect plant growth is within the field of Biology.

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Measuring the rate of squirrel births in a woodland habitat.

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Q: Which activity would be within the field od biology?
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What field of science would you find biology?

You would find biology in life science. Measuring the rate of squirrel birth in a woodland habitat

If someone is getting a MS in biology and decides to continue and gets his Ph.D does it mean that he should start from beginning or having a MS degree will help him to get Ph.D faster?

If you are staying within the field of biology, there is no need to start over. You will have to contact schools that offer your specific program of study, and request information concerning any prerequisite coursework. Within the same field it is just a continuation. If your PhD is within another field, the same applies. You would have to complete any missing prerequisite coursework.

Is measuring the size of a star a field of biology?

No. Biology is (mainly) about living things, plants and animals. A star would be astronomy.

Do marine biologists need a specialized degree?

A degree in biology would suffice, but degrees are offered in marine biology which would allow for a better chance of a job in the field.

Which one of the following would a biologist NOT study if he or she worked in the field of cellular biology?


What kind of subjects from school onwards would you choose if you were considering working in the dentistry field?


A What types of diverse specialists might be involved in a systems biology team?

Systems Biology would involve specialists from the field of Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, Mathematical Modeling, Bioinformatics, Physics (in broad sense).

Which field of biology would a scientist that studies the influence of deforestation in the rainforest most likely belong to?


What bachelor degree for the field of genomics?

I would think the most appropriate degree would be a degree in biology. Still, for this field you should set your eyes on the minimum of a masters degree, and a doctorate would be preferred for meaningful research.

Who studies biology and why?

Biologists study biology because they would like to study how living things live and interact with the organisms around them. College students also study biology if they want to go into the medical field, because they are dealing with living organisms.

What are the most popular jobs for people who hold a biology degree?

Jobs you can use a biology degree in would be various teaching jobs, research jobs, and jobs in the health and medical field. It can also mean plant biology and can be used for environmental occupations.

The study of how cells produce proteins would fall within the field of what?