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Scalp hair grows faster than body hair, primarily because of the greater supply of protein brought to the follicles there. Some people have little body hair, and much of it tends to break off before growing very long.

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Q: Which grows faster body hair or scalp hair?
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Why does scalp hair grows faster than hair on the rest of the body?

The more often you cut your hair, the quicker it grows back. Therefore, since we cut the hair on our head so often, it grows the fastest.

What else will happen as a result of kneading the scalp?

your hair grows way faster .

Does getting a trim really make your hair grow faster?

That's a total myth. Your hair grows from your scalp...

Does picking your hair make it grow faster?

Not sure. But hair grows from the bottom (aka the ends of your hair) So having your hair trimmed once in a while will help it grow faster Hope this helps :) ************************* Hair does not grow from the ends. It grows from your scalp, from the roots. Hair grows based on the nutrition you give your body and of course genetics plays a big role in how fast hair grows. Trimming helps to eliminate split ends, but does not make grow faster, that's only a myth.

What body tissue grows faster than hair?

Your skin.

If hair is dead why does it keep on growing?

it grows from the scalp

Where is the scalp?

The Scalp is the area around the top of the head where your head hair typically grows. This excludes eye brow and facial hair that also grows on the head.

Why does head hair grow faster?

Your hair mostly grows faster by you sleeping. By sleeping your body sleeps as well, which your hair can then grow. Your hair cannot grow when your awake, but your body mostly grows when your asleep. So that's all I can give you.

How do you get your hair to grow faster without changing your diet?

It is difficult to change the rate that your hair grows, there are no guarantees. Some shampoos and conditioners have ingredients meant to stimulate the scalp, and gentle scalp massage can help keep your hair follicles active.

What grows faster fingernail or hair?

Hair grows much faster than fingernails.

Form which end does your hair grow?

the hair grows out of a root which is inside your scalp.

How do you make your hair grow very faster?

Human scalp hair grows at a rate of about 0.4 millimeters a day (1/2 inch a month). Emotional distress can make it grow slower, but nothing is known to make it grow faster. Dirty hair appears to grow faster because it develops more "body" (yucch!), but in fact it does not.

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