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sugarcane bagasse,lactose whey and various other cellulosic substrates.

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Q: Which microorganisms could be used for single cell protein production?
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Which type of transport could not occur if the cell was inhibited in the production of protein?

active transport

Is protein a plural noun?

No. The Plural of protein is proteins, although 'protein' could refer to an uncountable amount.

How could error during transcription affect the protein that produced?

The protein would be made of the wrong amino acids

How does a DNA base deletion affect an organism?

depends. for example, it could have no effect/be helpful or it could be fatal if it leads to a malformation or lack of production of an important protein. If the deletion occurs in a section where the DNA encodes for a protein, it will cause what is called a "frame shift". Each amino acid is encoded by a DNA codon which is made up of 3 nucleotides. By deleting a nucleotide (base) the codons are no longer read properly. As such, the subsequent protein is now made with the wrong amino acids. If this protein is critical to cell survival it can lead to cell death. There are also regions of DNA that control protein expression which if mutated by a base deletion will cause misregulation of protein expression. Fortunately however, a large percentage of DNA actually does not appear to code for anything. As such, a deletion in this part of the DNA tends not to have any affect at all.

Changing one amino acid with a protein could change what about the protein?

It will depend on how different the amino acid is to the one it replaced. If the structure and/or charge is quite different, a change of one amino acid can change the entire 3D structure of the protein. This will affect the proteins function.

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Why is protein production necessary?

Proteins provide structure for living organisms. They are also catalysts for almost every biochemical reaction. Without protein catalysts, it could take years for a single sugar molecule to be broken down in a cellular environment.

How could an error during transcription affect the protein that is production?

Wrong Shape

Which type of transport could not occur if the cell was inhibited in the production of protein?

active transport

How a change in the sequence of nucleotides in a strand of DNA might cause a protein to malfunction?

The sequence of nucleotides is altered and therefore, the amino acid that is to be added to the peptide chain will be altered. hence the protein will be different. This protein can be functionless (will be degraded). If it turns out to be toxic, then there may be symptoms.

What are the good and bad microorganisms?

microorganisms are bad once inside the body as they could harm you. They also help the survival of plants.

What does a point mutation cause?

A point mutation is when a single nucleotide switches from G to C or from A to T, or when a single nucleotide is deleted or inserted. It's unlikely for any single mutation to have a significant effect, but the effects that could occur could be anything, ranging from eliminating or altering protein synthesis of a particular protein to altering the regulatory function of a stretch of DNA and thereby affecting the embryological development of an organism.

Can you eliminate microorganisms on earth?

No. Even then, anything that could wipe out microorganisms on earth would wipe out all other life as well.

Are microorganisms herbivores?

they could break the cells but some are decomposers

What is the harm of microorganisms?

There are many dangers of working with microbes including infection. You could also die from getting these microbes inside of you.

Where microorganisms could be at work in a house?

Microorganisams can be enywhere even on you and on you nasty bed

What is the single best product in history(it is a toy)?

Fire. Is the best discovery in history. With it man could cook meat, have more protein which made his brain bigger, and have heat.

In eukaryotes where are the copies of DNA made?

Mostly the ribosomes. Or you could say the cytoplasm.