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A mammal

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Q: Which organism maintains a constant body temperature despite temperature changes in the environment?
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What is it called when an organism maintains an internal stable environment?

When an organism maintains a stable internal environment, this is called homeostasis.

Why would homeothermy be an advantage to an organism?

the organism maintains the same body temperature. Therefore, enviornmental temperature doesn't affect its body temperature.

What are the characteristics of exothermic and endothermic organisms?

An exothermic organism is cold- blooded and it's body temperature shifts depending upon the temperature of it's surrounding environment, for example a fish. An endothermic organism is a warmblooded organism that maintains a certain temperature inside the body no madder what its surrounding environments temperature is, for example humans.

Why is homeostasis important for cells as well as for an entire organism-?

It maintains a stable environment for the cell and the entire organism.

Why is homeostasis important for cells as well as an entire organism?

It maintains a stable environment for the cell and the entire organism.

What is an organism with a constant body temperature?


Identify the basic charateristics of life that define a living organism?

The basic characteristics of a living organism are: 1. The organism maintains homeostasis (a constant/stable internal environment). 2. The organism must be composed of one or more cells. 3. The organism must undergo growth 4. The organism reacts to a stimulus. 5. The organism reproduces 6. The organism undergoes metabolism 7. The organism adapts to its environment (evolves)

What is the change in an organism's environment that affects the activity of an organism?


What is homostasis?

the maintenance of a constant internal environment e.g blood sugar levels or temperature

What is metabolic activity in a cell?

Metabolic activity is the constant flow of molecules through metabolic pathways that maintains an organism's life.

What is Respond to the environment?

How an organism reacts to temperature, light, etc.

What organisms are poikilotherms?

organism which can change its body temperature that of environment

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