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The lungs have a surface area equivalent to two tennis courts to facilitate gas exchange and get oxygen attached to haemoglobin for transport round the body. Next in line is the skin.

"The skin is often known as the largest organ of the human body. This applies to exterior surface, as it covers the body, appearing to have the largest surface area of all the organs. Moreover, it applies to weight, as it weighs more than any single internal organ, accounting for about 15 percent of body weight. For the average adult human, the skin has a surface area of between 1.5-2.0 square meters (8-10.8 sq.ft.)."

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Surprisingly, the stomach does not play the greatest role in digestion. It would be the small intestine, which digests most starch and proteins.

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Rugae of the stomach

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Small intestine

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Q: Which part of the digestive system has the greatest surface area?
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Which digestive organ has the greatest internal surface area?

small intestine!

Which part of the digestive system contains structural adaptations called villi that increase the surface area for the absorption of nutrients?


What is the necessity of finger like projections in digestive system?

They are there to increrase the surface area so more absorbtion can take place.

Which part of the digestive system is primarily responsible for absorbing nutrients?

The small intestine is the part of the digestive system responsible for absorbing most of the nutrients. The villi are the structural feature that maximize surface area for absorption.

What organ of the digestive system has increased surface area?

The stomach which is lined with ridges called Rugae the small intestines, lined with vili and micro-vili

What happens to the greatest common factor of the cylinders' surface area if its radius is squared?

Nothing. The cylinder's surface area does not have a GCF.

Why is increased surface area important in the small intestines?

Simply put, larger surface area allows for more digestive process to occur.

What are the glands in the jaw area that included in the digestive system?


Which scottish loch has the greatest surface area?

loch lomond

Why small intestines are the longest of digestive system?

The small intestine is the largest in the digestive system because it has the largest surface area. The whole inside of the small intestine is covered in villi and micro villi and when spread out it would be about the size of 4 tennis courts! These villi and micro villi are there in order to allow the absorption of nutrients and gases into the circulatory system.

The greatest surface area for gas exchange occurs within the?


What is a hyraulic system?

A system that multiplies force by transmitting pressure from a small surface area through a confined fluid to a larger surface area