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That's a pretty broad question. Almost all plants, or some part of them, have some nutritional value. The number of poisonous ones is actually relatively small, but they can be rather deadly, so I wouldn't just go around eating things. All the fruits and vegetables you find in the markets are, of course, safe to eat. Most grasses are safe to eat. (Oats, barley, rice, corn, wheat, etc.) I would recommend some good books on the subject, such as "Stalking the Wild Asparagus" and others by Euel Gibbons.

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Q: Which plants are edible
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What are non-edible plants?

Non-edible plants are plants that are poisonous or that cannot be digested.

What are some examples of edible and non edible plants?

carrot, redish, spinach, wheat, sugarcane etc. are edible plants; castor, calotropis, cockluber etc. are non-edible plants.

What has the author AJ Hilliker written?

A.J Hilliker has written: 'A literature survey of the genotoxic material in edible plants' -- subject(s): Dangerous plants, Edible Plants, Plants, Edible

Which plants that reproduce by spores and is edible?

No plants

What are kinds of edible plants?

all kinds of herbs are edible

Is moss plant edible?

Moss plants are non-edible.

What has the author Alan M Cvancara written?

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Is a jade plant edible?

I can tell you that their are Jade plants that are edible . tho most def not all jade plants are edible. not the answer you're lookin for . good luck

What plants are edible?

Lots of plants are edible. These include:LeavesSpinachChardLettuceDasheenEndiveCabbageTeaRootsPotatoCarrotParsnipYamCassavaYucaSeeds/Grains/NutsWheatRiceBuckwheatBrasil NutHazelnutAlmondSunflower SeedsCashewChestnutQuinoaFruits and Vegetables:PumpkinSquashEggplantTomatoPeachPlumPearAppleBananaOrangeLemonApricotCherryStrawberryRaspberryBlueberryStalksCeleryAsparagusFlowersArtichokeAnd many more.....

What has the author Muriel Sweet written?

Muriel Sweet has written: 'Common Edible & Useful Plants of the West' -- subject(s): Botany, Economic, Botany, Plants, Edible, Economic Botany, Edible Plants

What is meant by edible plants?

you can eat it

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