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That would be the skeletal system.

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Q: Which system is responsible for your protection and supports your body's weight?
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What part of the vertebrae supports the weight of the head and trunk?

The axis supports the weight of the head.

What is a major function of the skeletal system?

Support, protection, movement, shape, and red blood cells

Supports the weight of the building?

the bricks at the bottom supports it from tilting and falling to the ground unless there is an earthquake

What supports weight?

becuase every body are fatys

What supports the weight of the body when a person sits?

Their buttocks

What are the main functions of the sketetal system?

Support, Protect, articulate. The skeletal system supports the weight of the organism, provides attachments for muscles, which allows movement, and inside the bones is bone marrow, where blood cells are produced.

What bones supports weight?

becuase every body are fatys

How much weight can a curtain rod support?

The amount of weight a curtain rod can support depends on how many support brackets are helping support it. The more supports, the more weight. If there are no supports a typical rod can hold 20-30 lbs.

When a person sits the-----of the ischium supports the weight of the body?

ischial tuberosity

A curved support structure that supports the weight of walls and roofs?


What tarsal bone supports body weight articulates with the calcaneus?


What are plant supports?

Plant supports are items that are used to help the plant or flower stay upright and not break under its own weight or from heavy winds. There are metal, plastic and wooden supports.