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The defining structure that would be absent is the nucleus. They do lack other organelles in many cases though. membrane-bound organelles

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The Eiffel Tower and the Pyramids.

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Q: Which two structures would not be found in a prokaryotic cell?
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A prokaryotic cell would not have which of these structures?

The nucleus.

Which structures or molecule found on prokaryotic cell perform protein synthesis?


What structures are found in prokaryotic cells?

Plasma membranes, exoskeletons, and (sometimes) cell walls.

What two structures surround cells?

The two structures that surround the prokaryotic cell are the cell membrane or plasma membrane and the cytoskeleton. All prokaryotic cells contain these.

What are rod-shaped structures found in nucleus of every cell of an organism?

Chromosomes (however, prokaryotic cells do not have a nucleus).

What are the 4 components that all prokaryotic cells have?

External structures of a prokaryotic cell include glycocalyces, flagella, fimbriae, and pili. Most prokaryotic cells have a cell wall. Prokaryotic cells have a cytoplasmic membrane, cytosol, and inclusions. The nonmembranous organelles found in a prokaryotic cell are ribosomes and the cytoskeleton.

What is an operon and in what type of cell would they be found?

prokaryotic cells

What specialized structures do a prokaryotic cell use to maintain homeostasis?

cell membrane

How many structure do prokaryotic and eukaryotic cell have in common?

Since all prokaryotic cells lack membrane-bound organelles, the only common structures would be the cell membrane and the ribosomes. The ribosomes, however, are different than the ones found in eukaryotic cells.

What is a prokaryotic cell found in?

A prokaryotic cell has DNA, ribosomes, plasma membrane an cytoplasm.

Where are flagella found?

Flagella are whip-like structures that are found in the cell body of some eukaryotic and prokaryotic cells. They are mainly involved in helping the cell move but they also act as a sensory organelle.

Would ribosomes be found in a animal cell?

Yes ribosomes are found in animal cell their are small in size and almost 50 in number.Ribosomes are found in the eukaryotic and also present in the prokaryotic but in prokaryotic their are large in size and 1 in number.