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I would think an aerobic organism would do the worst in an oxygen poor media, which would be one of the results of having an older media sitting around.

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Q: Which type of organism aerobe anaerobe microaerophile facultative anaerobe would most likely be affected negatively by the use of old media?
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Is Bacillus Subtilis an aerobe or anaerobe?

yes it si a fucaltative anaerobe..check microbiology textbook as a reference

What is the different between obligate anaerobe and facultative anaerobe?

Facultative anaerobes does not need o2 to grow but can also grow with o2. Obligate anaerobe cannot grow at all in the presence of o2.

What are the oxygen requirements for Ecoli?

E.coli is a facultative anaerobe.

What are the growth requirements of Candida albicans?

Facultative anaerobe

Where would you expect to see growth of a facultative anaerobe?

on top

Is Serratia marcescens an obligate aerobe or a facultative anaerobe?

Members of the genus Serratia are facultative anaerobes. Answer from a professor of microbiology.

Is E.coli anaerobic or aerobic?

ecoli is mainly facultative anaerobe ,but some species is aerobes.

What kind of organism can exist both oxygen and oxygen-less environment?

facultative anaerobe

What is an organism that can survive with or without oxygen?

Facultative anaerobes can survive without oxygen but will use oxygen if it is present.

What is the difference between an aerotolerant anaerobe and a facultative anaerobe?

aerotolerant anaerobes are organisms that make use of CO2 for their survival but can tolerate the presence of O2

What is a facilitative anaerobe?

A facultative anaerobe is an organism that makes ATP by aerobic respiration if oxygen is present. It is capable of switching to fermentation or anaerobic respiration if oxygen is present.

What do this mean yeast is facultative anaerobe?

means that they perform fermentation only under anerobic conditions