Who is the owner of Cellular South?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Key Executives

Hu Meena - Chief Executive Officer and President

Mr. Kevin Hankins - Chief Operating Officer

Mr. Jim Richmond - Director of Corporate Communications

Ms. Suzy Hays - Senior Vice President of Sales & Marketing

Mr. Mark Prince - Business Development Manager

1018 Highland Colony Parkway

Suite 300

Ridgeland, MS 39157

United States

Founded in 1988

Cellular South, Inc. operates as a mobile communications company. The company focuses on providing 3G nationwide wireless voice and data network. It also provides mobile phones, smartphones, and PDAs; and headphones, headset, earphones, earbud, and home and vehicle chargers. Cellular South offers its products through retail locations, B2B corporate sales teams, online, and telesales group. Cellular South, Inc. was formerly known as Telepak, Inc. The company was founded in 1988 and is based in Ridgeland, Mississippi with additional offices in Mississippi, Tennessee, Alabama, and Florida. Cellular South, Inc. operates as a subsidiary of Telapex, Inc.

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Q: Who is the owner of Cellular South?
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I tried to cancel my contract with Cellular South two years ago and it was going to cost $200.00.

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Cellular South is a leading phone service provider serving both individuals and businesses in 4 US states. Cellular South offers a wide range of phones, including smartphones such as the popular iPhone and Samsung models.

What is an alternative name for Cellular South?

An alternative name for Cellular South is C Spire Wireless. Cellular South began calling itself C Spire Wireless on September 26, 2011. It was part of a rebranding effort on the company that wanted to be known as the most personalized wireless service going.

Is cellular south phones a reputable mobile provider?

Cellular south is a very reputable cell phone service provider. I would suggest reading the reviews on for more detail.

Can you register an Apple iPhone with cellular south?

no.. :( cellular south operates on cdma technology. this i phone is a gsm device. they may come out with a cdma version in a year or 2 though :) until then all we can do is wait

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A quick email to Cellular South revealed the answer: The song was covered just for the commercial. It is not set to be released as a single. The Artist is Dave Milone from the band Elephant.

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