Why are cyanobacteria prokaryotes?

Updated: 8/10/2023
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Bacteria are called prokaryotes because a bacterium cell lacks a nucleus. The DNA is found as loops in discrete sites in the cytoplasm, rather than in a nucleus.

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Cyanophyceae is rarer noun of cyanobacteria,its basicaly the same thing.

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They do not have organized nucleus. So they are prokaryotes.

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Bacteria do not have a nucleus. That's why they are prokaryotic.

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Q: Why are cyanobacteria prokaryotes?
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Do cyanobacterium had a nucleus?

No. Cyanobacteria are prokaryotes, and as such do not have a nucleus.

What are simplest organisms?

Prokaryotes, like bacteria and cyanobacteria.

Is cyanobacteria Eukaryotic or Prokaryotic?


What living things carry out photosynthesis?

Plants, Algae, and some Prokaryotes can also carry out photosynthesis. Prokaryotes such as Cyanobacteria.

Given that prokaryotes lack membrane-bound organelles why do cyanobacteria which are prokaryotes possess membrane-bound thylakoids?

Cyanobacteria were formerly known as blue-green algae which are photosynthetic. Thylakoids in the cyanobacteria are not separate organelles as we see in eukaryotic cell (eg:chloroplast). In fact the chloroplasts of eukaryotic cells were originated in a endosymbiotic event where cyanobacteria was taken up by the cell. Please read about enodsymbiosis.

Are fungi prokayote?

If you meant to say "prokaryote" or "prokaryotic", then NO. Prokaryotes belong to Monera, or the bacteria - cyanobacteria. Fungi are mono- and dikaryotic.

How is nitrogen made accessible to the plant?

By mutualistic symbiotic relationships with nitrogen-fixing organisms, which can be prokaryotes, like cyanobacteria, or mycorrhizal fungi.

Is a eukaryote a bacteria plant or protozoa?

All bacteria, including cyanobacteria and archybacteria are prokaryotes. All other types of organisms are eukaryotes.

What is the difference between the kingdom prokaryotae and the kingdom plantae?

protocista are eukaryotic organisms which are not included elsweher where as prokaryotes are things like bacteria and cyanobacteria

What was the first organism to add oxygen to the earth?

Cyanobacteria, which are sometimes incorrectly called blue-green algae, were the first organisms to add oxygen to early Earth. Blue-green algae are eukaryotes while cyanobacteria are the much earlier prokaryotes.

Is Cyanobacteria a consumers or producers?

The cyanobacteria is a consumer

Which organism does not carry out photosynthesis?

Most photosynthetic organisms that do not contain chloroplasts are bacteria. Some examples would be green sulfur and non sulfur bacteria which use chlorosomes. Chlorosomes contain light harvesting pigments known as bacteriochlorophylls. Cyanobacteria do not contain chloroplasts but use chlorophyll A and phycobilin photosynthetic pigments.