Why are plants so important to life?

Updated: 8/10/2023
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The oxygen we breath comes from plants. they make food. they also provid homes for other animals (SQUIRRELS)

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They give oxygen and they are a source of food.

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Q: Why are plants so important to life?
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Why are the foods plants make so important to organisms?

Many animals need to eat plants to live. Other animals eat animals that eat plants. So the food that plants make is the source of life for all animal life.

Why is the sun so important to the plants?

it is because the energy from the sun feeds the plants, but of course they do need water so...

What makes plants important to people?

Source of food and oxygen. No plants, no life.

How are plants important for survivors?

well this is so obvious. if there where no plants then we cant survive because plants give off oxygen or in other words the air we breath. no plants=no life that needs air or oxygen

Why are photosynthetic organisms such as plants so important to life on Earth?

Plants are so important to life on earth because without plants the animal kingdom couldn't survive. Plants transform CO2 into oxygen which allows us to breathe They also provide us with the food we need to eat. We eat fruit, veges etc. And cows, sheep etc. eat plants to get their energy. Then we eat beef and lamb to get energy from them.

Do you depend on other living organism for your life?

Green plants may not seem that important to us in our everyday lives. We take so ... No other organisms can, so we all depend on the plants to start the process.

Why is cohesion important?

Cohesion is also known as cohesive attraction or cohesive force. It is wherein the matter stick together or unite. It is important to life so as plants can grow. If plants grow, both animals and people will have something to eat. Thus, plants, animals, and human beings live because of cohesion. Without it, there will be no life in this planet.

Why is photosynthsis important in life?

Photosynthesis is a process carried out by green plants where simple substances are made into sugar using the energy from sunlight. It helps keep the plants alive. Plants provide oxygen for other organisms, so photosynthesis is pretty important as by keeping the plants alive, it keeps us alive.

Why is fertilization important in plants?

so they grow

If people are to live in space colonies why are plants so important?

Plants are simply a very important source of O2

Why is earth so important?

Because earth is the only planet that has life on it if it weren't for earth there would be no such thing as humans and animals and plants and school and you.

Why are photosynthesis organisms such as plants so important to life on earth?

Because it is food producing process for all. Also it gives organisms Oxygen