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So they can remain aware of their envoriment.

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because there half special like

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Q: Why do living things need a sensory system?
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Do all living things need a digestive system?


What are the distinguishing properties that are unique to living things?

4 Things that distinguish living things from non-living things 1. Living things need space to live 2. Living things need water 3. Living things need air 4. Living things need to reproduce

Why do living things need a place to live?

living things need space.

What does the sun privide that living things need?

why does the sun provide that living things need?

Do meerkats defecate?

Yes like all living things they need to remove bodily wastes from their system

Do mosquitoes defecate?

Yes.Yes all living things in someway need to remove bodily waste from their system

What all living things need?

all living things need to survive and to eat <3 All living things need to respire and reproduce.

How are non living and living things different?

According to scientists, for a thing to be living it needs cell, tissue,organ and an organ system. Things without even one of these are considered non living. Also a need for water.

Living things need to survive.?

Living things need air , food and water to survive

Living things need what to survive?

Living things need air , food and water to survive

How do living things survive?

Living things need four main things to survive in the world. Living things all need air, water, food, and shelter.

What elemnts make up a living system?

There are 5 elements: Growth, Need Water, Reproduce, React to changes, and Movement. If it does not do all these things, then its not living.