Why do plant cells have a thick wall?

Updated: 8/10/2023
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They have a cell wall to protect itself from damage and protecting it from dangerous things.

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to give the plant its support and structure

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Q: Why do plant cells have a thick wall?
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Why does plant cells have a thick wall surrounding it?

the thick walls keep the cells organelles inside of the cell

What part of the plant might have a thick cell wall and large vacuoles cell be from?

Cells of the pith of a stem generally have thick cell wall and large vacuoles. Likewise, cells of the cortex in the older parts have thick cell wall and large vacuoles.

What is the thick non living barrier in plant cells?

cell wall (made of cellulose)

Why would the method in cytokinesis in animal cells not work in plant?

The thick, rigid cell wall in plant cells do not allow the formation of a furrow. Therefore, the cell plate which is the future cell wall is formed.

Thick outer covering of a plant cell?

the cell wall is a rigid outer layer unique to plant cells. it shapes and protects the cell, unlike animal cells, whose outer most layer is the plasma membrane (a layer that lies beneath the cell wall in plant cells)

What is the reason that plant cells have an extra thick outer covering andwhatis the outer covering called?

The thick outer covering you are refering to is called the cell wall found in plant cells. I dont know why they have it I guess its just there.

Are the cells depicted or anomal cells?

The cells depicted may be animal cells or plant cells. There would be distinguishing characteristics. Animal cells are eukaryotic and contain membrane-bound organelles. Plant cells are surrounded by a thick and rigid cell wall.

Thick layer that surrounds all plant cells?

The thick sticky layer that coats the plant's epidermal cells is known as the CUTICLE. This substance helps to keep the water level of the plant at equilibrium .

In a plant cell the cell wall is a?

The cell wall is a thick outer layer covering the membrane of the cell. The cells of plants, algae, fungi, and some bacteria have cell walls except for animal cells and protozoa that don't have one.The cell wall provides support and protection to the cell.

Is a cell wall found in animal cell or plant cells?

I am not sure. But I do know that regular cell walls are found in both.Plant- Thick Rectangular GreenAnimal- Thin Circular ClearEdited answer:Cellulose cell wall is found in plants

Is the cellulose cell wall in plant or animal cells?

Only plant cells have a cell wall. Animal cells do not have cell walls.

How are animal cells different from plant cells?

Animal cells have no cell wall Plant cells have a cell wall and contain chloroplasts.