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the tree stops making chlorophyll in the winter. (the chlorophyll is the stuff in the leaves that makes them green)

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Too much water

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because that is when they die

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Q: Why do the leaves of a tree turn brown in the fall?
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List in order the changes that a tree undergoes as winter approaches?

The leaves turn shades of red,yellow, orange & brown. Then the tree slowly sheds its leaves. The leaves fall of the tree and the tree is completely bare.

What color are fall leaves?

My parents have an apple tree in their yard. In autumn the leaves turn a bit yellow, but I wouldn't say they are pretty. It's usually a pale yellow with brown spotting. From there, they quickly turn completely brown, curl up, and fall.

Why do leaves turn in the fall in some climates?

becuase its the fall so the season changes the leaves so they can fall off and make new ones sprouting on a tree

What happens to the leaves of a Deciduous trees?

Deciduous trees leaves fall in the autumn and rot on the ground and form a mulch which in turn feeds the tree.

When does oak tree lose their leaves?

Yes Oak trees are deciduous and lose their leaves in the fall. Most of the time they simply turn brown and fall off but there are a couple varieties of oak that the leaves turn a deep burgundy color before they fall.

Can fertilizer turn cedar tree branches brown?

yes if it has been spread on the leaves(scorching)

Do their leaves fall in winter?

Yes some plants have leaves which fall of like mango leaves . But there are some plants of which leaves do not fall , like oak leaves.

When do trees drop sap?

In the fall. Trees pull back some moisture from leaves before they dessicate, turn brown, and fall off.

Why are tree branches brown?

Leaves grow on trees. Every autumn, the trees shed their leaves in preparation for the winter months. Prior to leaves falling off of trees, they typically change from green to yellow, red, orange or brown. When the leaves fall off the trees, they dry out and turn brown.

What changes color three times a year?

The leaves on a tree is something that can change colors three times a year. This color change can depend on the location, climate, and season of the weather. Leaves may turn green, brown, or various colors in the fall.

Why are the leaves yellow on your honey locust tree?

Honey locust leaves are normally green. However, they turn yellow for several reasons. One is that they are simply new leaves that have not yet gotten their green coloring. Two is that they turn yellow in fall, and are about to drop off the tree.

Name a color you'd be surprised to see a tree's leaves turn in fall?

blue, green, pink, black, white