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to maintain our body temperature

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Q: Why do you sweat excessively?
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Is it common to excessively sweat during your period?

Fluctuating hormones can cause sweating.

How do you use have a tendency to in a sentence?

Do you mean, like, "I have a tendency to sweat excessively when I'm nervous." Or did I read your question wrong.

Why does my boyfriend sweat excessively when he sleeps?

I can't exactly answer that, but it isn't odd. Many people do have this happen and it is a sleep disorder, but it is not bad.

Why do I sweat excessively?

Could just be hypohydrosis. Which could be your natural state. It can also sometimes be caused by diabetes or thyroid problems.

Why would a patient with pheochromocytoma sweat excessively?

It is certainly possible, particularly if they were running a fever, jogging, in the jungle, or having sex.

Why does your child sweat excessively and squirm?

Since this is in the diabetes section I would assume your child his diabetes and these are hypoglycemic (low blood sugar) symptoms.

Why was I having a bad dream and sweating excessively and felt cold at the same time?

This symptom is caused from a fear factor. You sweat because you were scared(or fear) and because sweat takes away body temperature, you feel cold( because your body sweat out of fear in normal temperature).

Pheochromocytoma patients sweat excessively have facial pallor and be constipated?

During the symapthetic respone (fight or flight response) blood flow is increased to the skeletal muscles and brain. Simultaneously blood flow is decreased to the bowel which could lead to constipation. During constant fight or flight the person will sweat excessively which can lead to dehydration, inhibiting bowel function.

What are lymphoma night sweats?

Lymphoma night sweats is a condition that can affect people sometimes that already have a medical condition to sweat excessively. There are treatments such as therapy and medicine.

Do Audi A4 models burn oil excessively?

not excessively

Can your sweat sweat?

No your sweat can not sweat!

Can shingles cause you to be excessively tired?

No it is not possible for shingles to make you excessively tired

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