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either no blood vesles were cut or you have exelent clotting agents

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Germs try to get in to your cut and in to your body, so you bleed to prevent it. (if they get into your cut you can get pretty sick)

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When your cut the blood is dark red. When it dries it developes a brownish tint due to the iron content of blood.

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Because cutting the skin ruptures the tiny capillaries that carry blood close to the surface of the skin

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Q: Why does blood ooze out where there is cut on your body?
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Why does blood ooze out when there is a slight cut on your body?

Because - with a slight cut, you're only damaging capillaries (small blood vessels) With a deep or large cut, there's more chance of rupturing a vein or artery which would bleed considerably more.

What blood vessel is damaged if blood is oozing from a wound?

Oozing blood would be coming from the capillaries. Blood from the veins would be flowing freely out of the wound and blood from the arteries would be spurting out.The wound would be near a major artery.

What type of blood does ooze from a wound?

Small blood vessels called capillaries would "ooze".

How does blood repair cut skin?

the platelets are activated and forms fibrin mesh work so the cells are trapped only the fluid ooze out.

Why is spacecraft pressurized?

Pressurized only if pressure is needed, especially when it has humans or lives in it. Else the body will burst or ooze out blood.

If you have lots of iron will you ooze out green blood?


If you get a cut on any vain would you be spurting blood?

No, you would be "spurting" blood if you cut an artery as that's what carries the blood away from the heart. It has more pressure so it would spurt. However, a vein is carrying the blood back to the heart so there is less pressure, therefore no spurting just an ooze.

How does blood plasma work?

Plasma helps stop blood from flowing out of your body when you have a cut.

What are the body's reactions to a cut?

restricted blood flow to the area

What does it mean if you have dark brown blood when you cut your finger?

If you bleed dark brown blood when you cut your finger it means you are alive........ at least your body is.

Why do bellybuttons ooze blood and puss?

Because it has been raided by honey badgers.

How much blood does someone lose when he get a big cut?

That depends entirely on the size of the cut and what gets cut. Hit an artery and they can die in a couple minutes. A slash across the ribs could ooze for a long time and never really be a problem. That is entirely dependent on the following conditions: Time of bleeding, diameter of the artery or vein, location of the artery or vein. Blood pressure at that moment. Viscosity of blood, extension of the cut, and perhaps some more factors.