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Q: Why does semen taste salty?
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What is the taste of semen?

Expect something warm and salty.

How do the guys semen taste like?

salty egg whites

What does guy semen taste like?

it is a very salty-sweet combination.

Does celery make semen taste sweeter?

They say that if you eat alot of junk food your semen will taste salty. If you eat healthy it will be sweet.

What does 'semen' taste like?

It varies widely! Usually a bit salty, not unlike egg white.

What do semen taste like?

Some say it tastes a little "salty," while others say it tastes more like mucus. Depending on what the guy has eaten and when semen is injested, the taste may vary, or it may taste bitter.

What does a man's semen taste like?

It depends on what the man has ate in the past week. Usually it's salty or bitter, it would be even more salty if there was alcohol in his body.

Is the ocean salty because of whale semen?

The ocean is not salty because of whale semen. (See links below)

Does semen have a flavour?

The taste or flavour of semen can be highly affected by the diet of the male providing it. Alcohol, greasy or fatty foods, spices, etc can make semen taste 'bad' - while fruit juices and sweet things can make it taste 'better', depending on your personal preferences. Pineapple juice is highly recommended to improve the normally bleachy, slightly salty taste of semen, or so I've been told.

What is putrid is to as salty is to taste?

putrid is to rotten/fermented as salty is to taste.

Does baking powder or soda taste more salty?

yes, when taste it it will taste salty in your mouth.

What dose semen taste like?

Well, I'm sure that every one has a different opinion of what semen tastes like. But it is a thin liquidy substance, that tastes salty and kind of like cardboard I think. In my opinion, it is not something desirable to taste, or eat for that matter.

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