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the gas exchange through stomata because it gives more gas to the plants and to the people that breathe in (NOW SATISFIED)

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The stomata allows gaseous exchange to take place, during photosynthesis, Carbon Dioxide enters the stomata and Oxygen and Water Vapour are realeased through the stomata:)

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to regulate a H20 output

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Q: Why does water diffuse out through the stomata?
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Does water enters the plant through stomata?

The cells that regulate how much air and water pass through the stomata are called guard cells.

What is the role of a stomata and guard cells?

Through the stomata carbon dioxide diffuses into the plant and oxygen and water vapor diffuse out of the plant. Guard cells control the opening and closing of the stomata. Used in arid climates to control water loss for instance.

Waste gas that exits through stomata?

Oxygen and water vapor are released through the stomata.

What is lost through the stomata?


What would happen if the stomata were smaller?

If the stomata were smaller then CO2 would diffuse into the cell less rapidly.

How does Oxygen and carbon dioxide diffuse in and out of a leaf through the?

leaves have pores on there underside that allow carbon dioxide in and let oxygen out

How does water get out of a plant?

Water can get out by transpiration through the leafs stomata.

How does water enter and exit the plant?

Main entrance of water is from roots and some is from Stomata while respiring and Photosynthesis. Main outgoing of water is through stomata through transpiration and some through fruits and stomata while respiring and photosynthesis.

What enters through stomata in photosynthesis?

The raw materials of photosynthesis that enters the leaf through the stomates or stomata is H2O or water

Water and carbon dioxide move into and out of leaves through?

Through the stomata.

Where does excess water escape through the stomata as?


What is it when water vapor is lost through stomata?

transpiration :)