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Plants transpire to keep themselves cool. << wtf?...

Answer by: Avni Mehta

Um, plants transpire to create tension that then causes transport of water up from the roots in xylem. So, in simple words, plants transpire because it needs to take up water.

When plants are taking up more water than it is transpiring, then they do something called guttation, which is a forced expulsion of water (dew on the grass in the morning).

Answer by: Jasper Kang actually transpiration does also help to keep plants cool along with the other stuff :)

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Transpiration is a vital physiological process by means of which plants lower their body temperature, exposure to sun's radiation as well as heat generated from various metabolic activites can raise d temp of d plant body above optimal range. that is why transpiration is important in plants.

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This process is not necessary because without transpiration the plant would die because it would not be taking water up from the soil and it would not take in carbon dioxide and let off oxygen.

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Transpiration is able to occur through the stomata of leaves. It also occurs in other non-aerial parts of plants, including stems, flowers and roots.

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So the rest of the plant can get water,food,and minerals so the plant will stay healthy.

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Q: Why is transpiration necessary for plants?
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Why is transpiration necessary?

Mainly in cooling of plants. Also aid in water transport by transpiration pull.

What are some advantages and disadvantages of transpiration?

the disdadvanteges are namely the loss of water. Water provides turgidity for plants, and is necessary to undergo the process of photosynthesis. 95% of water absorbed by plants is released in transpiration. Transpiration Is rightly known as a necvesray evil.

What is it called when plants lose water through its leaves?


What is the loss of water from plants called?

Transpiration is water loss from plants.

Water can enter the atmosphere by evaporating from the leaves of plants in what process?

osmosis or The Water Cycle: Transpiration- evaporation from the leaves of plants

Is it true that transpiration is a process that occurs in plants and animals?

No. Plants carry out transpiration bu animals do not.

What do plants releases into the air during transpiration?

Plants release oxygen into the air during transpiration.

Where can you find transpiration on earth?

You can find transpiration on earth in or on, plants!

What is bad about the stomata in plants?

Although not necessary, the stomata during gaseous exchange also favour transpiration and provide passage to the microorganisms.

What is the evaporation of water from the leaves and plants?


Stomata in a sentence?

Plants use transpiration to exchange gases. We studied transpiration in science.

What is the evaporation of water from leaves of plants called?

This phenomenon is called transpiration.