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Because the Stomata on the underside of the leaf have to open (so stomata are turgid) to allow for the exchange of CO2 and O2 so photosynthesis can occur. As this process takes place water diffuses out of the stomata.

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Because the stoma must open to exchange oxygen and carbon dioxide, and water vapor is lost in the process.

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the water evaporates or gets absorbed by the plant.

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Q: Why is water loss in leaves of a plant unavoidable?
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What name is given to the loss of water from the leaves of plants?

Water loss from leaves and stem is called transpiration

What is the loss of water through a plant's leaves is called?

Evaporation of water through the plant's leaves is called transpiration.

What is the loss of water from plants called?

Transpiration is water loss from plants.

Is transpiration the process when trees take in water?

Transpiration is the loss of water by a plant through it's stems or leaves.

Pot of plant with soil wrapped with plastic bag covered with bell jar test for?

the loss of water from the leaves of the plant (transpiration)

What is a adaptation of jojoba plant?

The Jojoba plant adapts in the desert by its leaves. When it rains the leaves grow thicker because of the amount of water. But when there's drought the leaves become thinner to prevent water loss

What two structures in plants leaves help prevent the loss of water?

The two structures in plant leaves that prevent the loss of water are stomata (located in the bottom part of the leaf) and the epidermis (covers the top and bottom of the leaf).

What effect does water scarcity have on plants?

Water scarcity in plants leads to water stress conditions. The leaves of the plant start minimizing water loss by transpiration.

Do plants lose water through transpiration?

Transpiration is the movement of water vapor out of a plant and into the air. Water vapor is gas.

What plant has tiny leaves that reduce the amount of water lost through transpiration?

The guard cell prevents water loss in leaves.

What are the differences between transpiration and translocation?

transpiration is the evaporation of water through leaves and stem. translocation is the transport of sugars in a plant. Translocation- movement of food and nutrients in the plant Transpiration- loss of water through leaves via stomates

What is the transpiration process?

Transpiration is the evaporation of water from the surface of the plant__mainly from leaves. Water particles evaporate from the surface of the leaves, and more water particles move up within the plant to take their place. This process continues down though the plant with particles continually moving up from the roots.The loss of water in plants to the air though the stomata of plant leaves.