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Both xylem and phloem are hollow. The most hollow of the two would be xylem since that is the wood that is on the tree.

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they're both inner

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Because you're confused.

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Q: Why is xylem outside and the phloem inside?
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Drawing xylem and phloem?

Phloem is on the outside.

What are the layers of the stem?

(from inside to out) Heartwood, Xylem, cambium, phloem, bark/outside layer

What are tubes that carry fluids from the roots up to leaves of vascular plants?

xylem and phloem

What are the two different types of vascular tissue?

Phloem and xylem are the two main types of vascular tissue found in plants. Xylem is the tissue that mainly carries water, and a few minerals, in the system. Phloem is the tissue that carries photosynthetic materials through the plant.

Differences between plant xylem and phloem and fruit xylem and phloem?

Phloem transports food and xylem transports water and minerals:)

Are auxins transported in xylem or phloem?

Auxins are transported in the phloem, not the xylem.

What are the two vascular tissues found in the root and stem systems?

Xylem and Phloem Xylem-transports water from the roots Phloem-transports food from the process of photosynthesis through other parts of the plant

What is closest to the center of a woody stem?

Vascular cambium

Are xylem and phloem tissues?

yes, xylem and phloem are tissues in the vascular system

What fibers surround the xylem and phloem tissues?

The xylem and the phloem tissues are found in plants. Bast fibers surround the xylem and the phloem tissues in plants.

What brings food and water to your cells?

.food is carried by phloem and water is carried by xylem.

What is the Xylem of a root?

the xylem is in the roots and the phloem is in the stem actually, their is xylem and phloem in the roots. there is a large central core of xylem often in the shape of an x. and the phloem is found in between the arms of the x shaped xylem.