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  • This ensures that the intimal edges will be everted
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Q: Why should the sutures for arterial anastomosis be double armed needle at both ends?
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What is the medical term meaning needle?

A needle is correct. "Needle and syringe", colloquialy anything with a sharp edge is called a "sharp". (Sutures, needles, cannulas etc.)well sir,there are many medical words for itbut the most accurate one is : omigosithurtsochhope this helps :)

What do surgical sutures look like?

They look like thread which is connected to to a curved needle (usually 3/8 circle) the thread can be tightly braided or a mono.

What is a double ended needle?

A double-ended needle is a type of sewing needle that has a point at both ends. This allows for easier sewing in both directions without having to turn the fabric around. Double-ended needles are commonly used for tasks such as basting, gathering, and pinning.

What type of sewing machine can sew 2 lines at once?

You will need a double-needle sewing machine to sew two lines at once. Some basic sewing machines have the capability to do double-needle sewing, but most do not. Most double-needle sewing machines are commercial or industrial grade and are quite expensive ($600-$2,000+). For some examples of double-needle sewing machines, click the 'related links' below.

Function surgical instrument of needle holder?

The surgical needle holder is used to hold the needle when closing a wound with sutures. The needle holder is similar to scissors in appearance, but has small jaws (smooth or serrated, depending on use) and handles that lock the holder closed on the needle. This allows the surgeon to pass the needle through both sides of the wound -- a process requiring rotation of the holder -- without dropping the needle. Needle holders come in a variety of sizes and types, but the most common are those that look like a Kelly hemostat clamp (but with shorter jaws), in sizes running from 5 to 7 inches in length.

What are sutures?

Sutures are a device to hold a wound together or to close a surgery. the easiest way to think about it is to sew your body together. the device looks like thread with a curved needle (usually 3/8 circle) on the end.In human body the skull bones are united together by type of joints which are also known as Sutures. they do not provide any mobility and thus a for ma protective case around Brain, the CraniumThey are immovable joints that hold skull bones together.

What size over leaves on a pine tree?

they are extremely thin like double the width of a needle

What is single-needle tailoring on men's shirts?

It indicates a finer seam, wherin only one line of stitching (instead of two) is used. Although single-needle tailoring usually helps the shirt drape better, a single line of stitching is not as strong as a double line, which is why many fine shirt-makers use double-needle stitching at stress points (like the armholes).

Can you order 4-0 silk suture non-sterile without a needle?

Dear Sir, We SINORGMED company is a professional manufacturer of surgical sutures,and we can supply silk suture USP4/0 non-sterile without needle. If you are interested in our company,please feel free to contact us medical (at) We are very glad to talk about the products with you soon! Hope to hear from you soon! Judy

How do you peirce a double Monroe?

Take a needle and stab it thru yewr top lip where yew want the piercings.

What risks are associated with retinal cryopexy?

infection, perforation of the eye with the anesthetic needle, bleeding, double vision, and glaucoma.

What is a double stack magnum tattoo needle?

A double stack magnum is a needle arrangement that consists of a bottom layer of needles lined up tightly in a row with a second stack of tightly lined needles on top of the first. The layers have different numbers of needles in them. Common double stack magnum sizes are 5, 7, 9, 11, and 15. The bottom layer has one more needle than the top, so a 5 mag would have three needles with 2 laying on top.