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Most of the cells you view be in interphase at all times. This is because that is the normal resting phase that cells will assume most of the time.

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Q: Why will most of the cells you view be in interphase?
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What phase are your cells in most of the time?

The cell spends most of its time in the Interphase.

What stage of the cells life occupies most of its life?

Interphase. The longest part of interphase is the G1 phase.

What stage do cells spend most of their lives?

It is Interphase.

How many cells are in interphase?

there are 24 in a cellular division interphase, so in a normal satisfactory interphase, the conclusion comes out to be 48.

The period of Interphase in which cells do most of their growing?

G1 Phase

Do cells spend most of their lifetime in interphase?

im pretty sure its 12-24 hours in mamilian tissue at least

Do cancer cells have a long or short interphase?

In the cell cycle of cancer cells interphase is still the longest phase. However, interphase is shorter in cancer cells than in normal cells.

Why does skin cells spend less time during interphase?

Skin cells actually spend most of their time in the interphase stage. This is because cells spend their time preparing for cell division in this stage.

What stage does the cell spend most if its time in the cell cycle?

Interphase, which is the first stage in the cell cycle

Why was if difficult to find interphase cells in the whitefish blastula slide?

This is because the cells divide so rapidly that Interphase is such a short period of time; thus, few cells are in Interphase.Read more: Why_was_if_difficult_to_find_interphase_cells_in_the_whitefish_blastula_slide

What phase is most of the human body cells in?

G1 (same as G0) <- The beginning of interphase (when your cells are carrying out their normal functions.

Which type of cell is always in interphase?

The cells that would be constantly in interphase would be the cells that don't really work anymore.. that are not replicating anymore.