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First this is the creation wisdom.

Second: To allow more space for pregnancy.

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Q: Why woman have wider hips than men?
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Why do women have wider hips than men?

Women have larger hips than men so that they can give birth to babies. a woman's pelvis and hips need to give enough room for the child protruding out of her body when she is giving birth

Which hormone is mainly responsible for women having wider hips than men?


Why do men enjoy watching women's large hips?

From an evolutionary standpoint, a woman with wider hips is more likely to give birth without complications.

You are slim but have no hips how do you get one?

The width of your hips is determined specifically by the breadth of your pelvis, which is governed by your genetics. Almost all women have naturally wider hips than men, although sex hormone imbalances during puberty can alter the development of your body's shape. There is no exercise, diet, medicine, or surgery that will make your hips wider. If you are a woman, there are padded underwear available to make your hips appear larger.

Which hormone is largely responsible for women having wider hips then men?


What anatomical reason do many woman appear to be slightly knock-kneed?

Biologically, women have wider pelvises than men. The angle of their hips turns the legs slightly inward, making some to actually touch at the knees.

Who has the thickest buttocks?

Men typically have narrow hips and less round buttocks. Women typically have wider hips and rounder, fuller (or thicker) buttocks.

Why do guys like big hips?

Guys have a natural tendancy to like big hips on a woman because it shows a greater ability for successful child birth than a woman with small hips. In a primal way, men like qualities which would make a woman a more suitable mother for their child, such as big hips and large breasts.

What shape is the buttocks?

Men's buttocks are typically flatter and narrower at the hips. Women's buttocks are typically wider at the hips. Many women's buttocks are also rounder and fuller. Both men and women have "saddle bags", which is extra fat on the sides between the waist and hips.

When were hoop skirts worn again in modern times?

Hoop skirts, petticoats, and pettiskirts exaggerate the appearance of the transition from a woman's waist to her hips, making the hips appear much wider. This is frequently found attractive to men as wide hips (if they were real) offer a significant reproductive advantage (being able to give birth to larger healthier babies more easily) and evolution has selected men to look for wide hips in women (but has not selected to allow them to tell real hips from fakes). Women know what attracts men and don't mind using tricks :-)

Why do women have bigger hips than men?

They have biger hips so if they get pregnant they won,t fall over

Do men have bigger knee caps than women?

The bone in the front of a woman's knee is typically less prominent than in a man's knee. But the women's tends to be wider.

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