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It would be important because he can identify various types of fish and can recognize if some of the fishes are poisonous.

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orhrtb g

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To finder the organism

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Because they can find out what type of fish it is

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Q: Why would it be important for a commercial fisherman to have a dichotomous key on the boat with them?
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When would a scientist use a dichotomous key?

When the scientist isn't sure what an organism or animal is, he or she would then go through all of the questions until they reach the end where the name of the cell or animal would be, or maybe they could find that it is a new discovery.

What force would not play an important role in the dispersal of the seed of an apple tree?

The force of arms would not play an important part.

What is the purpose of a dichotomous identification key?

A dichotomous key is a special document that allows the reader to 'key out' an organism to some level, sometimes species, sometimes a level above species. Basically a key is a series of double statements. Each double statement has only one possible right answer; either the organism has some trait, or it doesn't. Depending on the answer, you are then taken to the next level of statements, each pair of statements whittles down the possible number of species that your organism could possibly be, and eventually lands you on the species, or genus that your organism is in.

Why are decomposers important to the environment?

it is important to like food webs to and the environment. one of the decomposers is the fungi. the fungi is important because, if we didnt have fungi then the dead animals that died and the flowers that died, we would all be covered in them and they would be in places where they had died. not a good thing. so that's why fungi is important.

Why is it important to provide transport facilities to villages?

It os important becoz most of the farmers are from village if there would be no facility for transportation of food their would be no food for us to

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What are the working conditions for a commercial fisherman?

A commercial fisherman would most likely be outdoors on most days. They would work around boats and the sea or rivers. They might have a target catch to reach daily.

How do you pronounce 'dichotomous'?

if you mean it as in a dichotomous key than it would be pronounced di-cot-o-miss

What is dichotomous response?

A dichotomous response would be a response that is divided into two different parts these being a clearlydefined parts which would be classeified as part 0 and part 1.

What are things that could go wrong when using a dichotomous key?

There are various things that could go wrong when using a dichotomous key. For instance missing essential information would affect the dichotomous key entirely.

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Sentence with inevitable?

It somehow seemed inevitable that the dichotomous neighbors would conflict.

Why is specializations important?

Specialization is working on a specific task. Say someone is a fisherman. He would be a specialist in fishing, because that is the job he does to his best ability.

What was the income for a fisherman in the 40's?

The income for a fisherman? Well, the fisherman would sell their fish to get money. So it all depends on how much fish he/she catches and how rare they are.

A person who fishes?

I would say a person fishing with a rod is a rod fisherman. As apposed to a spear fisherman or a net fisherman. An 'Angler'.

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How much fish would a fisherman fish if a fisherman would fish fish?A fisherman would fish a lot of fish if a fisherman would fish fish.orHow much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?A woodchuck could chuck a lot of wood if a woodchuck could chuck wood.Irish Wristwatch.

Did colonial fisherman trade or pence?

The colonial fisherman certainly traded because if they penced they would of got attacked.

How would you define dichotomous key?

-Well Dichotomous Key in my Biology Book says- A reference tool were a series of choices between alternative characters leads progressively to the identification of the species.HOPE THIS COULD HELP YOU