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There is a condition known as trigger finger which can cause this. It happens as a result of irritation of the tendon sheath. Some potential causes of this condition are rheumatoid Arthritis or activities which involve repeated gripping.

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Q: Why would your thumb or finger lock in a downward position and will only unlock by manually pushing it upward?
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The action is the finger pushing the nose. The reaction is the nose pushing back on the finger.

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How is the finger debilitated from mallet finger?

The tip of the finger has an abnormal-looking downward droop, and it may be difficult to fully extend the finger.

What happens to the tip of the finger in mallet finger?

Without the support provided by the tendon, the short bone at the tip of the finger drops downward at an awkward angle.

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What is the main physical indication that a person has mallet finger?

The downward droop of the fingertip is the major indication of mallet finger, along with the tenderness and pain that occurs in the affected area.

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