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As salt water will kill it quickly in almost all situations, and a regular tap water would keep it living at it's normal rate, I'd say salt would have the greater effect...albeit a negative effect.

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Q: Will salt water or tap water have a greater affect on a plant's growth in four days?
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Will salt water or tap water have a greater affect on a plant's growth?

Always use tap water. Salt water kills all plants except plants that live in the sea.

Does fertilizer water affect the growth of plants?

Yes,it could effect the growth of plants

Do different brands of vitamin water affect the growth of plants?


What kinds of water affect a chrysanthemum's growth?

Salt water is not good for plants.

Does any other liquid affect plant growth?

Yes, water is one liquid that affects plant growth. Along with plain water, salt water and carbonated water can affect the growth of plants.

Does boiled water affect the growth of plants?

boiling water will kill a plant it touches.

What will affect the the growth of plants?

The following factors will affect the growth of plants: exposure to light, ambient temperature, water availability, soil type, nutrient availability and supply of nutrients.

What is a good topic for this sentence does salt water affect the growth of plants?


How does salt water and soda affect plants?

it makes the plant growth not fast

How do salt water and plain water affect seed growth?

Well, salt water hinders and stunts the growth of plants while water allows the plants to flourish and grow much more rapidly.

Does drinking water affect growth of plants?

yes it gives it the vitamins and minerals it needs.

Is anyone doing a project similar to does different types of water affect plant growth?

My son is doing a science fair project on how water, bleach water, and one other type of water affect growth of plants.