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if a person is sick why is that theres no appetite to eat?

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Q: You have no appetite and get sick when you eat?
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Can anyone get sick by sugar?

yes they can; if you eat a lot of sweets you will be sick some of these can be; headache, stomachache, loss of appetite, vomiting etc.

You have no appetite when you do eat it makes you sick what is wrong?

Go and see your G.P. They should send you for tests. Sometimes prescribed medication can have side effects which decrease your appetite a great deal.

When is the best time to eat chicken soup?

Arguably there is no bad time to eat chicken soup; However, when someone is sick or has a lack of appetite, chicken soup can be easier to eat than other foods.

How do you spell appetite?

That is the correct spelling of the word "appetite" (desire to eat).

What is the Psychological desire to eat?

I believe that the psychological desire to eat is "appetite", they say that hunger is the biological need to eat and that appetite is the psychological.

6 weeks pregnant sick all day no appetite?

Its normal

How do you know when dolphins are sick?

They do not seem as active as they normally are and they have a poor appetite.

You recently became more sick no appetite very tired need a bone scan with contrast How sick are you?

Very sick... see a doctor

How is feeding a sick person different from feeding a healthy person?

Sick people generally haven't have much appetite, do they won't eat as much. Also, it's really crucial that the food they do eat is well-balanced and healthy. Make sure their meals are easy to swallow too.

How can you use appetite in a sentence?

He no longer had the appetite to continue the campaign. Dispite being very hungry, she did not have the appetite to eat anything on the table.

What is appetite?

"Appetite" is defined as the desire to eat, while "hunger" is defined as the physical need for food. Appetite is often mistaken for hunger.

Why people who are sick have no appetite?

People have no apletite because there digasitve system is good.

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