Do peacock carry fleas

Updated: 11/16/2022
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Yes. They can but are more likely to have lice. This can be treated by sprinkling Sevin dust on the ground in the areas they like to lay and dust bathe.

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Q: Do peacock carry fleas
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Can fleas carry chlamydia?

Fleas don't carry chlamydia.

Can raccoons carry fleas?

Yes, fleas can infest raccoons.

Do bees carry fleas?

No, bees don't carry fleas. They have their own pests, such as the varroa mite, but these are not interested in humans or other animals.

Do possums carry fleas?

Yes, the possums live in my attic and fleas fall from the vents and cracks because of them.

Do field mice carry fleas?

Yes, they do.

What type of diseases do fleas carry?

Bubonic plague and Cat Scratch disease can be carried by fleas.

What disease rodents carry?

the pleage but basically the rodents didn't carry it ,it was the fleas in the rodent's skin that carry it

Do domestic rats carry plague?

No, rats never carried plague. It was the fleas that they carried. Domesticated rats don't have fleas. Even wild rats are very clean and any fleas they do have don't carry plague much anymore.

Do opossums carry insects?

They feast on insects if given the chance, and rarely carry ticks; they groom often and eat their ticks. The average opossum eats 1-3,000 ticks a year. They may have fleas, but the fleas are small and not numerous.

Do prairie dogs carry bubonic plague?

They can and sometimes do, although it is the fleas on them that actually carry the diesease.

Can fleas spread aids?

Possibly, they can carry various diseases

Can fleas carry illness?

Fleas can transmit heart worm, tapeworm, etc. to your animals. Fleas are tiny, but they sure can pass things on to your animal that you wouldn't want. The best thing you can do is always keep up on the flea treatment and preventatives.