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You can keep birds from getting trapped in bird netting by removing the netting or using a color of netting that the birds can see.

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Q: How can you keep birds from getting trapped in your bird netting?
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Will bird control netting harm the birds?

No, bird netting is specifically designed to not harm birds. It is a proven safe form of keeping unwanted birds away from your property.

Which birds could be captured by bird netting?

Any bird can be captured by bird netting but you must be careful. If you are using this to capture birds be aware many places have laws against trapping birds. The use of netting is suppose to be used for the purpose of keeping birds such as pigeons off roofs or property to prevent damages.

What is bird netting and what is it used for?

Bird netting is a system used to keep unwanted pesky birds away. This is useful If you are looking for an efficient, safe way to protect your things from unwanted birds.

What types of plants would most benefit from the use of bird netting?

Birds like to feed on berries and small fruit. Bushes, such as blueberry and raspberry benefit from bird netting. Trees that bear small fruit, such as cherry trees, also benefit from the netting.

What is the national bird of Algeria?

china bird netting

What is the best material to build bird netting?

Bird netting made from polypropylene mesh, a type of plastic, is popular to keep the birds off your vegetation, as opposed to the rope that was traditionally used. The plastic is uv coated to prevent sun damage and last longer than organic materials.

Where can one find something about bird netting?

One can find something about bird netting on the "birdbgone" blog. This blog contains information about how to use bird netting and also what effects it can have. The website contains user commentary as well which contributes to the blog.

How is the avian flu transmitted?

birds get bird flu by getting diseases from ship countries such as china. birds get bird flu from transported birds, so your birds catch the disease

Are dinosaurs trapped in bird bodies?

Many scientists now consider birds to be dinosaurs. But to say they are "trapped" is probably not the right term. They are no more "trapped" than any other type of animal.

where can I buy bird control netting?

To protect your fruits or vegetables from being a bird's lunch, I recommend visiting There you will find all that you need and more. For $49.95 you can purchase 14 ft. x 100 ft. bird netting.

How do you keep birds away from fruits?

Buy bird netting to put over the bush or tree. i find if you get a water gun and spray at them it dont hert them and aventualey they go away

What are the safest methods for bird control?

If you are looking not to harm the birds, you can get netting that will protect the item you are covering the bird. You can also find the species of the bird and find the type of items that they will give away. There are safe bird and animal repellents on the market that you can buy. Try visiting or for suggestions.