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Parrots can fly for hours and go from distances. Also parrots can fly higher too.

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79 mph and 93 km!yo!


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about 40 feet

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Q: How long can parrots fly and how far can they go?
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What is the movement parrot is called?

Parrots can fly, climb, and walk to get where they need to go.

What other name does parrots go by?

There are many varieties of parrots, and parrots as a genus of birds are called psittacines.

Does paper airplane fly far?

kind can go as far as 6 meter sticks

How far can an airbus go?

The A320 Airbus can fly 3,400 mi. (V2525); 3,500 mi. (CFM56) with optional long-range Fuel Tanks

How far can a Boeing 767 fly?

it can go from , for example, north america to europe.

What can fly but can't go places?

You probably mean a number of species of birds. Chickens can fly, but not far. Plus any pet bird with its wing feathers clipped will not fly too far either. Another answer is Time.

How far do bats fly at night?

as long as it wants to

Why do parrots cheap?

They're not cheap, and parrots don't go cheep. They scream and yell but can be taught to sheep.

How long does it take to fly from Auckland to Bangkok?

you cant fly inless you have to go on a plan and fly there wait theres no thing about this question

How long does it take to fly from Paris to Johnnesburg?

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Are parrots really are talking birds?

Yes. If you don't believe this than go see real parrots in reallife.

How does a parrot move?

Yes, parrots can walk and jump. Parrots will fly to cover large distances, but as they go about their daily business they will walk on the ground, or scoot back and forth on branches, or climb, or jump from branch to branch. Before jumping, you will see a parrot cock its head from side to side as it determines whether it can just jump or if it will need to fly to cover the distance.