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Q: Is the belted kingfisher native to Georgia?
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2 animals that are native to Georgia?

belted kingfisher and American bison

What is the wingspan of a belted kingfisher?

the wingspan of a belted kingfisher is 18.9-22.8 in.

Why is the belted kingfisher called belted?

The belted kingfisher is called belted because of the 2 brown lines round its stomach.

Do kingfisher birds live in Florida?

Yes, the belted kingfisher.

How long does a belted kingfisher live?

600 years

Where does belted kingfisher live?

Ive seen them in Tennessee

How does the belted kingfisher get its water?

It dive into the to cach fish.

What is the home of belted kingfisher?

Northern United States and Canada.

Which home has belted kingfisher?

Northern United States and Canada.

How does a belted kingfisher defend itself against predators?

it smashes butterfree and pikachu

Is a belted kingfisher a producer?

Obviously not. A bird does not make its food through photosynthesis.

What is the color of belted kingfisher?

their sometimes black with white and brown and sometimes blue